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From Emerging Readers to College-bound Students, the Need to Read Persists

We want to provide the best possible reading programs for your child and for all our students, K-Adult. To achieve this, we offer researched-based multisensory reading, spelling, and writing programs based on the Orton-Gillingham Method.

This method, developed in the early 1930s by Anna Gillingham and Dr. Samuel Orton, features a unique approach to teaching the phonemic structure of written language to individuals with reading deficiencies. Gillingham and Orton aimed to create a sequential, structured reading system that built upon itself.

We use these programs with a wide variety of learners, from children as young as 5 to adults. Interestingly enough, we see as many emergent readers as we see adolescents who have scored in the “teens” on the ACT reading­­­ section. Client goals may differ due to age or circumstance, but the desired result is the same—every student wants to improve reading fluency and speed while maintaining adequate comprehension. So, that’s what we help our students achieve!


  • After a series of tests, you were able to diagnose Zack with a reading disability. Once the diagnosis was made, you developed a program to help Zack to ‘re-learn’ how to read. The results were amazing. Your program helped Zack to raise his ACT scores. More importantly, you helped him to gain greater self-confidence in himself and his abilities which has translated into a brighter future. Thanks to you, Zack was able to overcome his reading disability and was accepted into the Photojournalism program at Western Kentucky University. In May 2012, Zack graduated with a 3.2 average and is currently interning as a Photojournalist with a newspaper in Toledo, Ohio. He has won numerous awards for his work in photography and his future looks promising.
  • Thank you so much for all you and Mrs. Lake have done for Brian this year. 6 months ago I wouldn’t have believed he would be reading like he is now.
  • We just had Sam’s psych-ed evaluation repeated to compare to last year’s results. He’s made huge gains in processing speed and verbal comprehension, and his oral reading quotient jumped 30 points (61 to 91)! All of his scores are in the Average or above average range. Overall, his grades and ERB results are now in the “meets or exceeds expectations” range.
  • I truly thank you for all the help that you and the teachers have given me. I thank you so much for teaching me many new things that I probably never would of learned or that I am learning right now. Also I am really doing well at St. X, and the teachers are great, almost as great as you and the rest of the teachers at Educational Resources. Although it is hard at St. X, I have been making good grades.
  • We know that you had a tremendous role in where Paul is today. Paul graduated from U of L Engineering School in May with honors and a Masters in Engineering Management. He is working for Toyota and living in Lexington, KY. We are so proud of him and want to thank you.
    Mr. and Mrs. D

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