Summer Options

Skill Building – Learning today for tomorrow’s success…

One-on-One Instruction – Choose your subject.

  • All subject areas including math, science, grammar, writing, world languages, history, statistics . . .
  • Study Skills  &  Speed Reading

   Reading Remediation & Enrichment

  • Phoneme Awareness
  • Decoding & Encoding
  • Fluency
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension

   Our Programs

  • Reading  – We want to provide the best possible reading programs for your child and for all our students, K-Adult. To achieve this, we offer researched-based multisensory reading, spelling, and writing programs based on the Orton-Gillingham Method.
  • Elementary Reading Camp (1st -5th Grade) -Set your child up for success next year! Elementary Reading Camp is a place for children to learn, make friends, and have fun! We offer a multi-sensory, research-based approach to reading. In Elementary Reading Camp, your child will learn phonemic awareness, phonics, decoding, and comprehension strategies. Games and crafts will also be a part of the curriculum provided. Encouraging creativity helps children gain important skills that may directly correlate to long-term achievement in school. All supplies will be provided. Enroll now to help your child get ahead and stay ahead!
  • Bridge to First Grade Camp (now enrolling entering First Graders for Fall 2021) The jump from Kindergarten to First Grade is a big one! Get your Kindergartener ready for First Grade with our Bridge to First Grade Camp. Bridge to First Grade Camp will focus on mastering literacy skills that first graders need most. Topics will include phonics, decoding, comprehension, grammar, and writing. Did you know that engaging in arts and crafts activities is critically important to the social, cognitive, and emotional development of a child? Craft related activities and games will also be an integral part of camp. All supplies will be provided. Enroll now to bridge the gap!
  • Learn in one-on-one settings
  • Receive quick feedback
  • Enjoy flexible, day or evening scheduling
  • Our services also don’t require contracts, and we invoice monthly.

Study Skills Accelerate Learning – The Smart Program

Do you watch your child struggle to study and to succeed in class? Do you see hope fade in your son or daughter when good grades remain elusive, even after hours of preparation? It’s ok. We help students use study time more effectively, essentially teaching them to learn how to learn.

Good Study Skills and Motivation are the Keys to Academic Success!

The study skills course curriculum includes interactive activities and teacher-facilitated instruction designed to teach the following skills:

  • Time Management
  • Determine Your Learning Style
  • Tips for Effective Learners
  • Goal Setting & Achieving Goals
  • Social Behavior in the Classroom Setting
  • Improving Reading Comprehension & Vocabulary
  • SQ3R Strategy for Reading Textbooks
  • How to Listen: What Did You Hear???
  • The Cornell Note-taking Method
  • Improving Your Memory with Mnemonics
  • Acing Tests
  • Coping with Test Anxiety

Speed Reading

Speed Reading meets 11:00 AM-12:00 PM

Location Start Date End Date Price  
Educational Resources Online July 26 July 29 $150 per class Enroll

Must miss a class? Fees are nonrefundable, but you may switch to a different class date and location to make it up.

Speed reading isn’t just about zipping through sentences as quickly as possible. It’s also about comprehending and retaining information.

This skill particularly helps those students expecting increased reading loads in high school or college and those preparing for standardized college admissions tests. But, it also benefits the general reader. After age 12, most people don’t substantially increase their reading efficiency and never reach their full reading capacity.

Reading is the single most effective human activity for transforming information into knowledge.

Why Speed Reading Is Good For You

  • Improves Memory: It challenges the brain to perform at a higher capacity and trains it to process information faster.
  • Promotes Better Focus: If focused, our mind is less likely to succumb to other thoughts.
  • Increases Self-Confidence: The faster you read and comprehend, the greater knowledge you store. This enables you to shift your awareness and to find new depth in your life.
  • Improves Logic: Reading exercises the brain so it becomes more efficient at sorting information and finding correlations. This increases your response time.
  • Increases Emotional Well-Being: Reading is relaxing and distracts our mind from our worries.

Our Speed Reading program is available during the month of July at various schools in Jefferson County.

Speed Reading

Speed Reading meets 11:00 AM-12:00 PM

Location Start Date End Date Price  
Educational Resources Online July 26 July 29 $150 per class Enroll

Must miss a class? Fees are nonrefundable, but you may switch to a different class date and location to make it up.

Summer Credit Courses

Courses approved by NCAA

Our instructional advantages are threefold:

  1. Recover a credit due to failing grade
  2. Take a new course (with school approval)
  3. Repeat a course to improve personal understanding (example: Algebra I review)

Whether the student needs to complete a course to fulfill a graduation requirement or seeks to complete Algebra II to skip ahead to PreCal in his 11th grade year, these students learn in a professional, supportive, and inspiring academic setting.

  • Teacher-directed intervention
  • Standards-based curriculum

Credit recovery is possible throughout the school year.

1-On-1 Instruction

  • A prescriptive pretest identifies deficiencies
  • An individualized learning plan is generated based on pretest results.
  • A variety of scaffolds are embedded directly into the content

For many students, the need to recover course credits is all that stands between them graduating or returning to their current high school for the coming school year. Educational Resources has offered credit recovery courses for students attending parochial and private high schools since 2005. Our instructional advantages include program details for recovering a credit, taking a new course (with school approval), or repeating a course to improve personal understanding.

  • Student class work, homework, quizzes, and exam will be graded, compiled, and returned to the student’s high school to verify course requirement completion. Course grades e-mailed to parents.
  • A combination of one-on-one and group instruction can be arranged if travel plans conflict with session dates.
  • Arrangements for completion of two or more credit courses should be made as early as possible.
  • Students should not sell their textbooks.

Small Group Instruction

  • 3 – 5 students
  • Teacher-directed instruction
  • Standards-based curriculum

College Bound – You’re Off!

Reading, Writing, and Surviving!

You may have made A’s in high school by memorizing. However, college classwork will require you to memorize and think in rigorous courses. They require analytical, evaluative, and critical thinking skills. Furthermore, your professors are deep thinkers who pose deep questions to the class.  These same professors will not be handing out worksheets to reinforce principles or offering extra credit assignments – 80/20 Rule. Rather the 20/80 Rule prevails with the student completing the lion’s share of the reading and understanding. The professors’ teaching styles will be new and different.

This course provides reading and writing instruction formatted as college course work along with survival tips. Anxious students as well as confident students who are college ready will find this course challenging and fun!

Reading – This component will focus on mastering strategic reading skills to improve both speed and comprehension. Lessons will include the following

  • Eliminating poor reading habits
  • Speed reading
  • Annotation
  • Visualization exercises
  • Time management

Students will have opportunities to practice these skills with various reading drills.

Writing – This element of the class will focus on crafting strong college essays. Topics covered will include grammar and syntax review, analytic skills, composition, research based writing and use of evidence, arguments and counter arguments, and organization and structure. Students will have opportunities to practice these skills with various writing activities.