PSAT/SAT Test Preparation


Goals differ with each student. Some aim to become National Merit Scholars, while others dream of simple college acceptance. We can help them all.

Our PSAT and SAT prep courses provide personalize instructional time with expert tutors to give students that extra boost to reach their goals. We have helped thousands improve their scores and have worked with more than 550 who have achieved National Merit Semi-finalists.

Your child could be our next high-achieving student.

For One-on-One Test Prep

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PSAT Group Test Prep:

  • Our PSAT Intensive Group Classes begin in the summer and run until mid-October’s annual test date. They are available at high schools on weekdays and after school. We also offer them on Sundays at the Educational Resources Learning Center.
  • Our program includes strategy training plus multiple timed practice test sessions.
  • Our class sizes are limited.
  • We offer the PSAT Quick Prep (Basic Course) on a Saturday preceding the PSAT.
  • Summer PSAT prep available

SAT Group Test Prep

  • Our SAT Intensive Group Classes begin prior to selected test dates at the Educational Resources Learning Center.
  • This program includes 9 hours of teacher-directed strategy training plus a practice test session.
  • Our class sizes are limited to 24 students.
  • TIP (Talent Identification Program) 7th & 8th graders are invited to participate

We have achieved long-standing success for our students because of our:

  • Proven, results-driven approach
  • Experienced, motivational test prep teachers
  • Updated materials
  • Reasonable rates
  • Decades of company experience
  • Local ownership and operation


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Congratulations to our 2022 National Merit Semi-finalists!

Ethan Brunton

Matthew Chou

Ryan Groza

Paul Springer

Garrett Weakley

Zachary Whelan